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Naked Notes

Feb 12, 2019

Welcome to the 1st episode of the Naked Note Podcast(™) produced and written by The Note Assistance Program® 2019.

This addictive podcast was designed to accomplish two things 1) to help real estate entrepreneurs expand and learn about the industry through an honest educational lens and 2) to bring relevant, compliant news and solutions to existing 1st position mortgage note investors. In other words, expose the NAKED truth about investing in the secondary mortgage market.

The hosts, Natosha McKinnon & Jasmine R Willois, share their combined 10 years experience in the secondary mortgage market and over 30 years in the traditional real estate investing space to educate the audience by sharing the fears and cheers of note investing.

Get ready to be exposed to what's really underneath the skirt of the successful mortgage note investor....the whole naked truth of notes will be laid on the line from profits to risk ; performing to non-performing. Hold onto your hats and buckle up for some unadulterated Note adventures!