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Naked Notes

Sep 10, 2019

Where should you invest next? Well, at the #NAPnation we like to pride ourselves on choosing cities that aren't already listed on the 'Top Cities to Invest In' list. Why? Because, if it's listed there it's already too late. Jasmine started investing in Bessemer, AL in 2015 long before Amazon decided that it was going to spend $325M to build its facility there. However, it is still an untapped market that is growing like crazy. Bessemer is known as "The Marvel City" and its future definitely looks bright! With 27,000 people, a new hospital being built, and a very strong rental market, this is a place you want to buy notes that are only going to appreciate as you work them out. Join the ladies of The Note Assistance Program(™) as they walk you through the metrics of choosing your next investment location and see why Bessemer is the place to be.