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Naked Notes

Sep 17, 2019

This episode speaks to the health of your note portfolio by helping you fine-tune your filtering process for debtors attorneys. 

Noting that all attorneys are NOT created equal when you sit on the debtor's side of the fence, tune in to episode 10 to learn some of the top tricks the Naked Notes© ladies use to mount up and bear down on a non-performing real estate note. Jasmine and Natosha discuss some of their own personal struggles as they built a nationwide black book of resources throughout the years. Learn from their mistakes and their triumphs while saving yourself possible months of wasted time and wasted money!
During this EXPLOSIVE episode, they also introduce a new LIVE educational series local to San Diego, CA. The Wellness, Wealth & Wine Series is hosted by a few #NAPNATION members at Mission Cellars in Poway and focuses on the inextricable tie between your wealth and your HEALTH! Reminding all entrepreneurs that in order to be truly wealthy, you must also be healthy! Don't miss your opportunity to maintain a healthy alternative investment portfolio and lifestyle. 


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