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Naked Notes

Feb 19, 2019

What is this NOTE thing you speak of?! In this podcast our host Natosha Narravo and Jasmine Willois get candid about their first time with notes, their fears, and what helped them go all the way. Listen in as they talk about the pros and cons of 1st position over 2nd and describe the anatomy of a note. You'll love their...

Feb 19, 2019

Live from Think Realty – Dallas! 

Our Executive team was having so much fun at the Think Realty Conference in Dallas Texas that they couldn't resist hosting an impromptu podcast LIVE from the floor of the event. Listen as the women of The Note Assistance Program(™) interview one of the many members they ran into...

Feb 12, 2019

Welcome to the 1st episode of the Naked Note Podcast(™) produced and written by The Note Assistance Program® 2019.

This addictive podcast was designed to accomplish two things 1) to help real estate entrepreneurs expand and learn about the industry through an honest educational lens and 2) to bring relevant,...