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Naked Notes

May 19, 2021

New or Seasoned most investors struggle with this very question, why would a BANK sell a performing asset? Not only is this one of the most frequently asked questions but it is one that if left unanswered many remain paralyzed and never truly get into the note game as they should. Knowing the seller and their motivations are key to the meta game of notes. Tune into this episode of The Naked Notes Podcast © to learn from the President of the Note Assistance Program and ex-Wall Street Trader,  Ms. Jasmine R. Willois as she discusses 10 reasons her buddies call her to dispose of their inventory. 

Join the ladies on their mission to Let NO retirement account go UNDERFUNDED, by taking the proper precautions and listening to this episode. This podcast was built to build stronger individual investors of our favorite vehicle mortgage notes!

The Naked Notes Podcast © is brought to you by The Note Assistance Program(™) and is an educational podcast built to supplement the education and experiences novice note investors have throughout their note life. Join the movement to leave NO retirement account UNDERFUNDED! Contact the ladies at 855 541 6683