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Naked Notes

Oct 29, 2019

Are you gearing up or winding down? How you choose to spend these next two months of the year can significantly determine how you kick off 2020. The ladies of The Note Assistance Program(™) give you four ways to give yourself the best chance of success for this new year! As most people are starting to wind down (which IS an important part of the equation), this is your chance to finish the year strong and possibly even take that leap into something new...such as Mortgage Notes! Listen as Jasmine and Natosha tell you how they plan to spend the rest of their 2019 and get the inside scoop on how and where you can find them. Sit back, relax, and enjoy another episode of the Naked Notes podcast. ©


Make sure to head to their last Lunch-n-Learn of the year this Thursday:

Ready to join? Check out their website at or text/call 855-541-6683