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Naked Notes

Mar 5, 2019

FLIP much? This episode of Naked Notes(™) was created by and for FLIPPERS! That's right, the N.A.P ladies are confessing and telling it ALL about their dirty little past! As EX Flippers the women of N A.P. thought one of the best ways to pull a hail mary into retirement heaven was to spread the love and knowledge to their fellow flippers. Tune in as they create a "safe place" for all Flippers looking to crack the code on Inventory replenishment, steady pipelines, and longer walks on the beach!

Grab a cold brew and listen as Jasmine and Natosha undress your fears towards mortgage note investing. Uncover why these two women have embarked on a mission to help 5k Families (and Flippers) over the next 5 years create more time and financial freedom. Brace yourself for a stimulating and educating 15 minutes of exposure to mortgage noteICA!!